EUCEPA is an "association of associations " with a very light structure.


The members are Technical Associations of the Pulp, Paper and Board industry of various European countries.


Managing body

The managing body is the Assembly. Executive Directors (or equivalent) of member associations attend the Assembly, but attendance is also opened to any officer nominated by his association. Assemblies are held twice or three times per year to provide networking opportunities for those running Technical Associations.



The President of EUCEPA is elected by the Assembly among the executive directors. Normally the President is the executive director of the "host" association as defined below;
The current President is
Mr Barry READ


Member Associations will take it in turn to be the "host" of EUCEPA for six month periods of time. Responsibility of the next Assembly and any other EUCEPA business will lie with that host Association.
The current host Associaton is Austria


The Registered office and the secretariat are located in Paris.In all matters the secretariat is responsible to the President but liaises with the member association currently hosting EUCEPA and advise of any communications and notices received the General Secretary is Virginie BATAIS.